The decision to embark on the journey of self-exploration and self-awareness takes great courage and determination.

Our therapists are dedicated to working in partnership to strengthen your inner-self so that you can achieve personal wellness and happiness. Whether you are depressed, anxious, feeling overwhelmed, dealing with grief and loss or just want to gain personal growth, our therapists can help by utilizing the latest state-of-the-art modalities in psychotherapy.

We believe that in finding your authentic and genuine-self you will acquire a general sense of well-being regardless of current circumstances. In addition, the journey of self-exploration will lead to a more meaningful, purposeful life despite of external stressors. Our approach to psychotherapy is to guide individuals to empower themselves and make choices that stem from their core and through this process awaken the person they are truly meant to be.

The decision to begin therapy may have been initially triggered by an event such as a change in mood or change in family dynamics. Usually therapy is sought by those who have tried alternative ways to resolving problems. Psychotherapy does not always provide easy answers, but through a process of self-exploration, it can help to uncover inner-strength to withstand hardship and achieve wellness.

Through this process, clients may begin to strengthen their 'core self' and develop a more effective ability to deal with the struggles and challenges of today and future. The journey of psychotherapy is about self-exploration and examining parts of ourselves that inhibit a fulfilling life.

Our past clients who we had the privilege of serving demonstrated extraordinary courage and strength to accept the things that are out of their reach and change things that are within their control. The pursuit understanding of ourselves, taking responsibility and accountability for our thoughts feelings and actions are never a result of weakness, but of great courage and the true testament of the human spirit.*